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Brigit True Organics is proud to release its new DIABETICAE line. These remarkable products are designed for the millions of Americans with special skin care needs, offering amazing benefits for those with diabetes.

This premiere line includes liquid soap, hard soap, calendula oil, and Diabeticae Magic skin balm. See the "About" tab for more information on the power of DIABETICAE.

All products are now available to order in the Brigit True Organics online store and in fine organic markets nationally.

Each DIABETICAE product is formulated to minimize skin irritation. Soaps and body washes gently cleanse completely while leaving valuable natural skin oils in place, Calendula oil for deep moisturizing and herbally assisting the immune system, and Magic skin balm as your first line of defense for any skin wounds or irritations such as bites, burns or scrapes. Use it consistently and watch your skin repair faster, organically.